Cybercriminals Weaponize Social Media

Nicholas Tella, director of information security and adjunct professor in the College of Engineering & Design, tells NBC 10's Tamara Sacharczyk that social media accounts are vulnerable to data compromises.

Supply Chain Snags

Why are grocery store shelves bare? Diane McCrohan tells NBC 10's Brian Crandall that labor shortages caused by the omicron variant are hampering processing and transportation to stores.

Faculty Experts in the News

01.25.22 - Thinking about skipping that tip? Brian Warrener explains in Newsweek that the expected tip has evolved and grown over the years. Read more. 

01.25.22 - In this month's issue of "Flavor & The Menu" magazine, TJ Delle Donne shares that salt is definitely worth its salt! Read more. 

01.07.22 - As housing prices hit historic highs, Timothy Howes tells PBN the market will likely go “from ridiculous to hot” in 2022. Read more

12.29.21 - In the Atlantic, Pastry and dessert expert, Jaime Davis Schick, breaks down the deliciously decant reason raw batter is hard to resist: taste, texture, and psychology. Read more.

12.28.21 - Was Chinese food part of your New Year's Eve celebration? While CFIT Instructor Neath Pal cannot pinpoint how the tradition began in New England, he remarked “Chinese food itself is all about celebration, a big celebration of family.” Read more.

12.21.21 - What's KDS? College of Hospitality Management Associate Professor Rob Blum tells NerdWallet that Kitchen Display Systems are here to stay and expects to see, "more and more acceptance of them." Read more.  

12.16.21 - In "Five Questions" with PBN, Accounting Associate Professor Jacyln Boichat discusses how JWU is trying to increase enrollment and attract more students to its accounting programs. Read more