Frozen Dinners Can be Healthy

Elizabeth Klingbeil, assistant professor of Nutrition & Dietetics in the College of Health and Wellness, tells Mashed that there are plenty of very healthy frozen meal options that you can find at your local grocery.

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Grocery Prices Increasing

Diane McCrohan told TODAY NBC: "As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery prices noticeably increased for consumers. Overall, there was a year-to-year increase of about 6%, which Americans felt in their wallets." She also shared tips for consumer looking to slash their grocery budget.

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JWU in the News

04.10.21 - A commentary highlighting JWU's cannabis entrepreneurship program and the emerging cannabis industry by Magnus Thorsson, associate professor in the College of Business, and Michael Budziszek, associate professor in the John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences, was published by The Providence Journal. Read now.

04.01.21 Elizabeth Klingbeil, assistant professor in the College of Health & Wellness, tells Mashed what happens when we indulge in French fries on a daily basis. Read more. Read more.

03.22.21 - According to Elizabeth Klingbeil, there is one Taco Bell ingredient consumers should reconsider eating. She tells Mashed the popular items that should give us pause. Read more.

03.12.21 - Magnus Thorsson was a guest on Dan Yorke's television show Dan Yorke State of Mind and discussed the debate in Rhode Island to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Watch now.

03.08.21 - During an interview about the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry, Michael Sabitoni told Providence Business News' Bruce Newbury: "We [the patrons] did not realize how important hospitality was until it was taken away from us." Read more.

03.02.21 - In an interview with The TODAY Show, Diane McCrohan, associate professor, chair, marketing department, College of Business, told NBC's Morgan Chesky that grocery prices, which already increased as a result of the pandemic, may climb higher after the unseasonable weather in Texas. Watch now.