Elizabeth A. Klingbeil, Ph.D., RDN, LDN

Assistant Professor | Nutrition & Dietetics | College of Health and Wellness
Providence Campus  


Originally from Minot, North Dakota, Elizabeth Klingbeil takes a creative approach to nutrition with significant research in gut microbiota, satiety signaling and feeding behavior. She has investigated the efficacy of foods, specifically potato resistant starch supplementation, with probiotic properties and their therapeutic benefits towards improving the prevention of obesity and associated comorbidities through the promotion of bacterial fermentation and improvement of gut intestinal barrier function. Her research in the timing of feeding, including intermittent fasting, and its impact on microbiota composition and feeding signals earned first place in Basic Science at the University of Georgia Obesity Symposium, 2020. Currently teaching "Introduction to Human Nutrition", "Nutrition Assessment," and "Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy",  Klingbeil is able to address global diet trends, fads, and consumer behaviors towards food. Prior to relocating to Rhode Island, Klingbeil was principle cellist for Concordia College Orchestra and an active musician in the Athens, Georgia, music scene where she performed with University of Georgia Symphony Orchestra.  

Ph.D., Nutrition, University of Georgia-Athens
B.A., Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, Concordia College-Moorhead


  • nutrition; gut-brain axis; dietetics; gut microbiota; gut health; feeding behavior; satiety signaling; medical nutrition therapy; fiber intake; intermittent fasting; weight management; bariatric nutrition therapy; critical care nutrition; gastrointestinal neurophysiology

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