Michael D. Makuch '03, '05 M.A.T., CEC

Associate Professor Culinary Arts (department chair) | College of Food Innovation & Technology
Providence Campus


Michael Makuch leads JWU's Ecolab Center for Culinary Science, where students, faculty and industry experts connect science to culinary arts through curriculum development, academic projects, forums and other activities. With an extensive foundation in community nutrition, Makuch concentrates on utilizing fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create a unique dining experience. He believes that food is the vehicle to a journey whose story can be told on a plate.

As an educator, he helps students to construct their own food philosophy. Through community outreach, he has designed nutrition programs for youngsters and senior citizens to expand their use of healthy ingredients within their reach. As an advocate for the medicinal benefits of food, he teaches the Food + Health program, a collaboration between JWU and the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in which medical students learn to integrate healthy eating into their future medical practice.

M.A.T., Food Service Education, Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island
B.S., Culinary Nutrition, Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island
A.S., Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island


  • culinary nutrition; culinary medicine; community nutrition; culinary education, spa cuisine; applied nutrition; recipe modification

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