Jaime Davis Schick '07, '19 M.Ed., CEPC

Assistant Professor | International Baking & Pastry Institute | College of Food Innovation & Technology
Providence Campus



Jaime Davis Schick believes that dessert should be fun and whimsical. Incorporating candy cap mushrooms, jalapeno peppers or parsnips to "ground a dessert," is a Schick signature. She strives to include savory elements for another level of flavor and unexpected twist to the dessert experience. In her classes that include Plated Desserts, Neo-Classic Desserts, and Hot & Cold Desserts, she trains her students on the art of the presentation while incorporating modern industry trends.

With industry experience from New England to Chicago (Tru), Schick was the pastry chef at No. 9 Park, Boston where she revamped the bread program and later the executive pastry chef at Deuxave. In 2012, she was nominated for Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Pastry Chef award. She created, and continues to lead, New England's "Sugar Rush," an annual showcase of regional pastry chefs that benefits Bakes for Breast Cancer.

M.Ed., Culinary Education, Johnson &  Wales University
B.S., Baking & Pastry Arts, Johnson & Wales University
A.S., Baking & Pastry Arts, Johnson & Wales University


  • modern plated desserts, ice cream; sorbet, neo-classic desserts, savory sweet desserts; molecular techniques

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