Julie Viscardi-Smalley, CHE

Assistant Professor | Sports, Entertainment, Event-Management
College of Hospitality Management
Providence Campus

juie viscardi


With an extensive background in concert production, tour coordination and music industry education, Julie Viscardi-Smalley shares a comprehensive perspective on the multi-million dollar music business. She can address music trends, artist management, marketing, intellectual property, record labels, music publishing, and the live music/concert/touring space. A member of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators’ Association (MEIEA), she advises JWU's MEISA chapter (student association). 

At the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Viscardi-Smalley presented, "The long and winding road: The tour manager's perspective." Additionally, at the first-ever Phish Studies Conference, she presented "Up the mountain: the compositional use of the arpeggiated augmented triad in Anastasio’s ‘Colonel Forbin’s Ascent’ as performed by Phish," and co-presented, “Can we live while we’re young? A guided listening session through Chalk Dust Torture." In August 2020, Viscardi-Smalley co-presented at the MIT Music Festival Studies Conference, "The circus is the place for me: The Phish festival as microcosmic rural spectacle."

Viscardi-Smalley is pursuing a DMA in Music Education through College of Fine Arts at Boston University. Her research is focused on the intersection of music industry education and threshold concept theory.

M.S., Music Education, Syracuse University
B.A., Music Education, Syracuse University


  • Music industry; entertainment industry; concert production; tour management; music trends; event management; concert production; analysis of popular music; music theory; music history